Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let the Sewing Begin

Since the spring, my sister, Gemma, and I have been wanting to start up our own sewing business. Both of us made tons of stuff (blankets, onesies, t-shirts, hats, booties, nursing covers, slings, etc) when our babes were born, so we thought we'd try our hand at selling stuff. The only problem is, we haven't been able to find something that is cheap and quick to make, but can still make money from. We started out making little taggie blankets, each uniquely embroidered, with a crinkly stuffing. However, we just found them too time consuming, so now we're trying to think of other alternatives.

After I made the hat for Elijah's birthday, I thought maybe that could be an option. It was cheap and really easy to make. Plus, it could be custom made, with crocheted flowers or buttons added for girls, and applique's added for boys. I'm excited to say that Irene the designer has given us permission to use her pattern for what she calls an 'Eddie cap' to sell. Yay...I'm really excited. Now I just have to head to Fabricville for some pretty tweeds and wools!!!!

Please note, we are still selling the taggie blankets that have already been made. They are the perfect toy for little babies as they love to play with the crinkle and the taggies. They are about 7"x7", one side is fleece with a unique embroidered pattern, the other is a satin. Inside is a layer of stuffing and a crinkle. Each is surrounded by ribbon tags. If you'd like more information, please let me know and I'll get back to you. Also, if you're interested in a custom made hat for your little guy or girl, please send me a message!

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