Monday, May 17, 2010

He Couldn't Breathe

Ever since he was born Elijah has gone around with his mouth open and drool pouring out...kinda gross, but you get used to it!!

Well, some of us do...Auntie Gemma still cringes!!

Well, In a previous post I mentioned that we got Elijah a humidifier for his room (which is really the living room that we've rearranged so a crib can fit in the, we need a bigger house)!

I have noticed that he has his mouth closed all the time now!!

Turns out the poor little fella couldn't breathe...what a mean mummy I am!!

Life must be so much easier for him!!


auntie emmy said...

awww poor pumpkin. glad he's breathing better :)

Anonymous said...

ummm....i think it was auntie gem who noticed...

AshG said...

Poor guy!! At least its better now..