Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mummy's, what do I do???

My little man is 'hands down' the cutest little fella ever created!! God was at a prime while he was being formed!! When it says in Ephesians 2:10, "we are God's masterpiece," I'm pretty sure He was thinking about Elijah!!

However, I think we just had the worst day in all seven months of his little life!!

I fed him last night at 9pm...WAY later than usual.
He's usually in bed at 7pm and sleeps through until 7am.
Then, he woke at 3am, and I had to feed him.
He woke for the day at 6am...raring to go!!!
Not a big deal, I kinda like getting up early!
He then had a nap from 9-10:30am...about half an hour shorter than usual.
Also, not a big deal!
However, he decided that sleep wasn't on his agenda for the rest of the day.
He was awake and SUPER crabby until 4pm, and then he only napped until 4:45pm...ahhh!!
I tried to put him to sleep like 15 times and he just kept screaming.
Usually, he has three 1.5-2 hour naps each day.
He wasn't happy when awake...He cried whenever I was more than a foot away from him.

The end result: a very tired and frustrated mummy!!

But, he's still so darn cute, and I can't be frustrated when he gives me one of his big smirks!!

He's started to smile with his nose all wrinkled...it's super cute.

Plus, I think the seventh month is 'milestone month:' he crawled (started as an army crawl, but now can move a few steps properly, before he gets frustrated and goes back to army-style), he got two teeth, he says dadadadada (still waiting for mamamama).

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Lauren said...

hey my friend, what a lovely bolg you write, its super sweet to read. It makes me feel like we have just chatted a little, so....there will be a reason for your baby's crabby day, you may never know, but he could be getting sick, he could be cutting a tooth, he could have eaten something that gave him cramps, he may be going through seperation anxiety, Abbie had horrid seperation anxiety at 8months, she needed to see me and be with me, for a little while, I forget how long it lasted, but it affected her at night too, she'd wake screaming to see me and then be ok when I walked into her, super tiring and frustrating, all I can say though is that it is a stage and this too shall pass. love you so much. Miss you. We are off to the beach tomorrow and I really need to be packing, agh. I love you so much. So....did you ever get the boardies that I sent for you with matt and my cards? La xxx