Friday, May 28, 2010

A Plethora of Carriers

I own five baby carriers...yep, that's 5!!!

Let me start by saying that I never actually bought any of them.

Two were gifts, one was FREE, and two were made (so, I guess they were bought, but for a VERY small fraction of the cost of the pre-made editions)!!!

1. In the beginning was the baby bjorn. This was on my gift registry at babies-r-us because I heard that they were great. However, after walking for an hour carrying a new-born I found that it's lack of waist straps put a lot of strain on the shoulders. Thus, on our 18km hike to North River Falls when Elijah was a month old, both Matt and I had a lot of recovering to do:

Matt from carrying a baby
Me from pushing out a baby only four weeks prior (enough said)!!

Elijah looks sooooo tiny!!

2. Ahhhh, the sling. I made this one, and am quite pleased with how it turned out!!! It is GREAT for short trips to the farmers market...

thanks to my talented li'l sis for the photo

I think it is quite the 'granola' accessory!!

...but BAD for long walks along Prospect Bay!!

thanks Heather for the photo:

3. Next is my cheap cheap cheap DIY moby wrap. This is simply 5 metres of stretchy material, but I definitely think Mr (or Mrs) Moby was very creative with the tying. I love this wrap, and wear it tons. Only thing is, it takes up a lot of space, plus I can see it getting pretty hot carrying a baby on a warm summer day!!

love this photo, also by my little sis!!!

4. The newest addition to my collection is my wrap and tie (similar to a mei tai) by infantino. This was FREE FREE FREE!! I had the infantino sling rider (a gift, which I never used cuz it wasn't cool enough for me, and I had just found a buyer for it on e-bay) which was recalled a few months back because it caused some babies to suffocate (thank goodness I never used it...guess I can't sell it on e-bay). So, this is my replacement. I took if for a test run hours walk with a 20 lb baby. I was surprised to find (unlike some of my other carriers) that I didn't need chiropractic work after. It passed the, it takes up less room in my suitcase and is esthetically pleasing. I think I'll be taking it with me to Ohio next week!!

5. And finally, for Christmas my mum and dad bought us this contraption...

It is my favourite...for the soul reason that I don't have to carry him!!


Adam & Suzanne Greeley said...

Yay for baby carriers!

We were given a bjorn and used it when J was an infant and it does start to hurt! Then we read all the horrible things that it does to baby hip and spine development to be in one for any extended time and we opted for the ERGO (pricy...even in the states where we got ours) but we LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I can wear J for hours on my front or back and barley can tell he's there!

WE love our stroller but carriers are so much more practical for everyday use:)

Anonymous said... forgot to mention that your darling sister made your wrap for you.....and by 'made' I mean, I cut it in a straight line.

Jo said...

I have four of your carriers, with similar opinions. Mei Tais are my favorite, especially on my back :)

Anonymous said...

I didnt get a shout out for the picture I took of you and your new carrier! I didnt even have a link to my blog.