Saturday, May 1, 2010

Trial Period

I've attempted blogging twice in the past ten years.

Both blogs were started prior to heading to Africa or India on some sort of adventure. Yep, I had tons to share about, but no time to do it, and no Internet connection. What makes me think that this time I'll succeed??? Not sure, but I'm ready to try!!

Since becoming a mummy in 2009, I've realized that in order to not fall into depression or loneliness living in a dark basement, in the country, with no car, I need to 'seize every moment' (I know, such an overused cliche, but a good one). For the past few months: I've started to be creative again (the first since high school). I forgot how much I love drawing, sewing, knitting, etc... I've also got into a regular workout routine. I highly recommend P90X for those mums (or anyone really) who want a high energy workout while their kiddies are napping (even when their not, Elijah may be the one-and-only who enjoys Tony Horton's cheesy jokes). Elijah and I have picnics (a mixture of baby-food and dried leaves) and take walks. It made my day last week when I took a self portrait of the two of us before we headed down to the water, he smiled at the camera without coaxing! He loves our walks!!
the above mentioned cute!!

Sure, I don't always sit at home. We visit friends, aunties, cousins, grandparents. We coax daddy into taking us to lunch at Fitzgeralds when he's home. Now that it's summer, we're going to squeeze the three of us into our little two-person tent and head upto Ingonish on weekends. We have plans to go hiking and swimming and fishing (well, sunbathing, while daddy's fishing). I want to enjoy every moment.
daddy thinks this hat makes him look a little femanine...but it's still cute, and it does the job!!

Most of all, I love just playing with my little guy. Nothing makes my day more when I pick him up from a nap and he reaches out to me with a huge smile, or when he laughs while I change his bum, or when he dances to the music in his exersaucer.

So, this is my blog. Dedicated to recording all those moments I love about being a stay-at-home mum!!


Mrs. M said...

Yay for blogging!!! I have recently started again, too...maybe we can revive the blogging trend! I love "reading-up" on everyone back home; I miss you guys!

joe and gem said...

so i guess you went for it. i'm still considering it, although i need to be able to edit my photos first, it's driving me crazy....

Adam & Suzanne Greeley said...

Welcome to the world of blogging... again:) Its a great outlet for writing and connecting with other mom's online!