Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This week has been rough.

The previous post pretty much sums up what the whole week was like. Elijah just didn't want to sleep.

At first I thought it was more teeth, so tried the whole tylenol thing...he still woke up.

I thought he was having night terrors, cuz he would wake up in a full out scream and keep screaming and arching his back even after we picked him up. He would only settle down once the lights were on and he had familiarized himself with his settings.

So, I bought him a night light hoping it would work...nope, that night was our worst night ever!!!

Last night we were at our Tuesday Night Group and Elijah fell asleep really easily in a room with a whirring humidifier. So, we stopped by Shoppers Drug Mart on the way home and bought a cheapo one.

He slept 12 hours!!! Ahhhhh!!!

Plus, he is currently on his third nap of the day (something he also decided to omit)!!

Mumma's feeling much better!! Thanks to everyone's prayers!!

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